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How to Connect Dell Printer to Wireless Network

Dell, as we know all know is a US based Technology company, which manufactures arguably some of the world's best laptop computers and printers. Dell has become a household name because of the fact that the company manufactures printers in various sizes and shapes.


Dealing with a printer is not that easy for a person who does not know anything about printers. You can connect your Dell printer to your laptop or computer using a USB cable, but this is not the case with wireless printers. Wireless printers enable your employees and your co-workers in your workplace to send the print without moving from their seats. This is what makes wireless printer a must in every workplace. Another advantage of using wireless printers is the fact that there will not be any cluttering your workplace because of cables and wires. Once your printer is active on your company's wireless network, sending print work via the Print dialogue will be very easy.

How to Connect a Dell Printer to Wi-Fi?

Sometimes, you may not have an idea as to how to connect dell printer to wireless network. But once you know the steps, it is very easy. Connecting a Dell printer to a wireless network involves some basic and simple steps:

  1. The first step would be inserting the software installation disc that might have come with your Dell printer, into your computer and proceed with the automated installation of the Dell printer software. During this, you should make sure that the software installed on the computer has access to the company's Wi-Fi.
  2. Connect the printer to your computer or laptop using the USB cable (the USB cable generally comes with your printer).
  3. Click the start button and then the program button. Click Dell printers and click pen printer home.
  4. Click the settings tab and then click the wireless setup utility.
  5. Connect your Dell printer to Wifi. Select the company's wireless network and proceed. Enter your company's Wi-Fi password.
  6. Next disconnect the printer USB cable. The devices on your computers Wi-Fi network will now be able to print wirelessly on your Dell printer.


In short, connect your Dell printer to Wi-fi, to complete your work in a fast and efficient manner if you have a wireless printer. Wireless printer is prioritized over the normal printers in huge organizations where there is a lot of work and time is less.

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