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HP Inc was founded in November 2015 out of the printer and PC division of Hewlett-Packard. The US-based technology giant is known for its expertise in the field of personal computers and printers along with its storage and networking equipments. Currently it is one of the most dominant market players in the printer segment.


Its printing equipment is broadly divided into 3 categories; HP inkjet, HP LaserJet and HP Plotters.


However, despite great of the greatest printing quality and performance, you might run across some issues with HP Printer. So, You need to get in touch with HP Printer Tech Support and Customer Service in USA, Canada from technicians.

HP Printer Tech Support Number

HP inkjet is available in 4 variants:


Further HP LaserJet is available in more than 40 variants including:


Whereas HP Plotter is available in 2 variants:


HP Printer Tech Support

The rapid expansion in the customer base of HP is evident from HP’s market share, which stands at more than 48%. HP has retained its consolidation in the market through its quality service. This quick expansion in HP’s customer base has brought about challenges in maintaining a high quality of service.


We at HP customer support render uninterrupted and high-quality services to users of HP products. HP technical support team comprises of technically competent members working round the clock. You can dial our HP Printer Tech Support Number 1855-6178-777 (Toll Free) at any time.

Kinds of issues you might come across:

Paper Jam:

A paper jam occurs if the paper gets frequently stuck in the rollers or the printer draws multiple sheets in a single operation. Mostly this occurs due to improper aligning of reams or overloading of the sheet tray. The use of substandard quality sheets might be another reason behind this. A single call at HP Printer Customer Service Number can help you completely resolve the issue.


Slow Functioning of Printer:

The speed of a printer tends to reduce due to various reasons. The most common reason behind the error might be due to the improper command delivered to the printer as many people are not well informed about the technicalities. Thus they end up giving improper commands. Another possible reason could be poor connectivity of the printer from the command device. Our experts handling slow down issues at HP printer support number understand your issue and providing adequate solutions accordingly.


50.4 Fuser Error:

This is an error that usually occurs in laser printers. It typically occurs when you need to replace the fuser, a replaceable module in the printer. An average fuser can retain its capability up to 1,00,000 prints. For the time being, you can restart your printer for a temporary restoration and immediately get in touch with hp printer tech help number for further assistance.


Substandard print quality:

If you are receiving the substandard quality of prints the first thing you need to do is ensuring that the print quality of the printer is positioned at its highest level. Another thing you need to ensure is the quality of the paper and the cartridges are up to the mark. In case the problem still persists and print quality is still poor, then another possible reason could be due to the toner powder settled into the base of the cartridge, which can be solved by shaking the cartridge case. In case the issue persists, just make a call at HP printer contact number and get your issue resolved.


How to communicate with HP Customer Service?

Contact us through HP printer support phone number

In order to get in touch with HP customer service in USA and Canada, just call us at HP printer support phone Number 1855-6178-777 for prompt settlement of your issues from our support team. Each time you communicate with the HP Printer Customer Service Number, you will be assisted by a member of the HP Printer Support. With whom you can discuss your issues in an elaborate manner. You can call us anytime as per your convenience because we are known for our:


Contact us through Mail

The tech support staff at HP works tirelessly round the clock to resolve your concerns, but if you are unable to communicate with us due to any reason or you are unable to explain your problem to our executive over the phone, then:


Visit our support page 

Another swift and convenient way to get your concerns resolved promptly without any fuss is by visiting HP Printer Support page, where you can get all troubleshooting options in the self-help section.


Our Timings:

We at HP help ensure complete resolution to all HP products’ users. So, whenever you face any difficulty and our assistance is required immediately, never hesitate to call our HP tech support phone number 1855-6178-777 and our team will ensure absolute co-operation. If the issue still persists, our senior staff will deal with your complaint on a priority basis. We are available 24X7 throughout the year.


Why do you need us?

In case you are facing an issue with regard to a HP printer, then you can communicate with us at any time according to your convenience just by dialing our toll free customer care phone number 1855-6178-777. The communication can be made anytime through our HP Support Page, HP Customer Service Number or via e-mail. These are the various kinds of issues for which assistance is provided by us:


Accurate advice:

We serve you wholeheartedly as we firmly believe that the customer’s satisfaction is the only parameter to measure our success. HP Printer Tech Support team serves its customers with absolute precision and always tries to satisfy them with high-quality and round the clock services.


Service without hassles:

We have a technically efficient crew, who are well versed in their jobs. Once you get in touch with our team you will be assisted by our team accordingly. They will ensure that your issues are settled swiftly without any bother.


Effective solutions:

We are known for our quality work and effective solutions to users' problems. Our HP Printer tech support team always remains on its toes to resolve all your issues.