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Lexmark printers are manufactured by Lexmark International which is an American company that manufactures laser printers and imaging products. The company is headquartered in Lexington, Kentucky. Lexmark was founded in 1991 which included printer and printer supply operations. In August 2012, it announced that it would stop the production of its inkjet printer line and would continue to provide service and aftermarket supplies.

Lexmark Printer Tech Support

List of Lexmark Printers:

Laser printers


Color Printers


Monochrome Multifunction Products


Color Multifunction Products


Other Printers

Dot Matrix Printers


We have provided you with the entire exhaustive list of the Lexmark printers that are available in the market. You can buy any printer as per your own discretion and affordability.


As printer is a machine and we know that every machine can experience some trouble at some point of time, so does the Lexmark printer. At that time you need Lexmark Printer Tech Support and Customer Service in USA, Canada.

Some of the problems that you might face in the your lexmark printer include:


1. There might be a paper jam:

This is a very common problem that every printer faces. The paper get stuck in the rollers of the printer. Neither can you then print, nor can you take out the pages. Hence, at this point it is necessary that you should have some basic knowledge about how a printer works and how to tackle these minor problems. But we understand that not everyone is tech savvy and if you face this problem, you can always give us a call on our Lexmark tech support phone number which is 1855-6178-777.


2. The printer quality may be very poor:

Sometimes, when you have printed a lot of documents, you might face an issue with the quality of printing. It would be faded or sometimes, there will be a difference of colour between your print and the quality which is shown on the laptop or the screen. If you do not know how to fix this problem you can give us a call on our Lexmark printer support number.


3. Your printer might make unusual sound:

This problem is again a very common problem which is faced by a lot of people. You can contact us and our Lexmark technical support will help you solve this issue in no time.


How can You Get in Us?

As stated above, you can give us a call on our Lexmark printer customer service number 1855-6178-777. We have a well experienced team at Lexmark printer tech support, who always remain on their toes to solve customer queries. We are available in USA and Canada and work for 24 hours a day. We will make sure that none of your call ever goes unanswered and no problem remains unresolved at the end of the day. Our lexmark customer service will receive your call and will understand your problem in the best possible way and will provide you a solution to resolve the problem.


If you wish to, you can also write to us on our email address. Make sure that you write your phone number, your name, and a detailed description of the problem that you are facing on your printer. Our Lexmark printer tech experts will get back to you once they get the email and understand your problem. We also have a printer support page, where you can find different set of instructions regarding basic issues that you might face. Even after that, if you need some help you can call us on our Lexmark printer customer care number given above.


Why Should You Choose Us?

As stated above, we have a quick response time and you can get in touch with our experts as per your convenience. You can either call us, write to us, or use our webpage to have some basic knowledge about your printer. We at Printer Pros work the entire day to provide you with customer satisfaction. We provide top-notch services through our well trained printer experts. Whenever we have received a call, there has been no scenario where the issue has remain unresolved. We always try our best to resolve your problem in the best possible way.


And the end, we also try to maintain a friendly relation with our customers as we feel that having excellent relationships with our customers is the way to go!